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Jamacorp is pioneering new, practical approaches to incremental and disruptive innovation. We have developed a comprehensive set of methodologies, tools and services that generate tangible outcomes for today’s largest and most complex companies. We do this in a fraction of the time and cost of current approaches, while also providing greater transparency, and lower risk.


Our team consists of industry experts offering business consulting services with industry and geographic knowledge. With over 15 years of strategy and innovation consulting for SMEs, public and private corporates, we have worked in mature and developing markets around the world. We offer proprietary strategic frameworks to scale businesses utilizing agile and project management principles.

Training & Education

Our philosophy is based on knowledge and the transferable skills of our stakeholders. Therefore, we offer ongoing project management training and essential certifications in business management and technical skills relevant in competitive markets. We have partnered with leading institutions to develop curriculums for corporate clients as well as our consumers.

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