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IDARE was created because we have a responsibility to this world to bring people together with a new understanding about what life can bring to us. We want people in every area of life to feel connected through the common aspiration to help us grow, move, build forward in a positive direction. We are creating a space for art and innovation to work together with the understanding that it is crucial to have sustainability in the forefront of our minds.

Through this event our goal is to have people shift their understanding of how progress should be made to one that is grounded in the understanding that this world of ours is precious.

Immersive Live Performances

We combine VR theatre experience and immersive live performance in which forms of digital technology in theatrical processes are experimentally explored.

Dinner & Award Ceremony

We honour the leaders and pioneers of our society who have created a positive impact to their communities, and the world. 

NFT Car Auction

In the era of disruption and evolution, luxury cars are facing the changing wind due to premium customers’ preferences, connectivity and design, evolving brands, regulations.

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