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About Us

According to the Japanese, the term Ikigai means everyone has a purpose in life, a reason for being. We are committed to empowering those who are passionate about creating a positive impact in the world, not only for the planet but also for future generations. As a global impact investment company, our mission is to encourage collaboration between the community of innovators and the world of investors to promote harmonious living and well-being for all.


Jamacorp is a global impact investment and innovation company with a mission-driven agenda to create sustainable cities around the world.

Our Company

Established in 2012 in Canada as a real estate investment company, Jamacorp has evolved to serve a multi-faceted market with a network of consultants, innovators and corporate partners.

Our Mission

At Jamacorp we aim to inspire future leaders to work on complex projects and develop their skills, such that they can diversify their skills to their natural aptitude. We hire based on this model as a way to nurture future leaders to actualize their growth potential. Ultimately, we offer a platform to flourish.

Our Impact

Economic impact: We are constantly seeking projects that support national strategies towards a circular economy and international development. We work closely with the public sector in various countries through public-private partnerships (PPP) to establish policies and programs that serve the national agendas.

Social impact: As part of the UN Global Compact, we offer equal opportunities for underserved populations to work and collaborate with our company. Our guiding principles offer anti-corruption, diversity and inclusion policies that are consistent globally.

Environmental impact: Our commitment to SDG 12 states that we invest and operate in sustainable consumption frameworks.


Our leadership board consists of industry experts from multiple nationalities:

Mina Jama

Mina Jama

President / CEO

A Science, Technology and Innovation visionary with over 15 years experience in various industries including Health, Fashion & Beauty. She has been pioneering clinical and translational research in Immunology and Infectious Diseases and continues to facilitate health innovation projects and investments. Mina has spent over a decade with non-profit organizations that promote advancement of young women in STEM fields. She currently sits on the board of Africa’s Young Entrepreneurs based in South Africa as the Director of Investments, Innovation and

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